We accept new members to the association annually. All those who are enthusiastic about documentary film culture and film festivals, and who accept the purpose, the rules and the activities of the association,  can become members of the association.

You can enjoy the membership benefits by paying the membership fee for a calendar year. The 2023 membership benefit is an invitation to the DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival with a Member pass. The Member accreditation includes access to the festival’s industry events and film screenings (1 screenings per day)

Membership fees for calendar year 2023

  • for an individual member 40 euros
  • for a company support member (organisations) 150 euros
  • for honorary members the membership is free of charge

Reasons to become a member of DocPoint?

DocPoint is a Finnish association supporting the documentary film industry. DocPoint-elokuvatapahtumat association is an ideological association founded in 2001. Its aim is to strengthen, deepen and diversify the status of documentary films and the knowledge of documentary films in Finland.

Events organised by DocPoint include DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival annually in January-February,  nationwide DOKKINO – children’s and young people’s documentary film event all year round and DocPoint IMPACT event package focusing on the effectiveness of documentary films. .

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Read here, how we handle the personal information of our members